Mnuchin files for dismissal in his action against UberJets

By Doug Gollan, May 18, 2021

The former Treasury Secretary had previously asserted in court filings a connection between defunct JetCard Plus, run by Paul A. Svensen, Jr., and Paul M. Svensen and UberJets

In papers filed with the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York, lawyers representing Steven T. Mnuchin, Inc. (STM) requested the court to dismiss with prejudice his action against UberJets, LLC, Paul M. Svensen, and Paul A. Svensen, Jr.

In the filing, Mnuchin’s representative wrote, “Based on discovery in this action STM is aware of no evidence of common or shared ownership between or involving UberJets LLC, on the one hand, and JetCard Plus Inc, a Florida corporation, and Paul A. Svensen Jr., on the other.”

Mnuchin was attempting to collect on a judgment by a Florida court against JetCard Plus, which found it owed the former Trump official $219,692 in an unused jet card deposit before closing its doors.

In January 2020, Mnuchin lawyers had told the court in New York, “Bank records obtained by STM (Mnuchin) show significant monetary transfers from JetCard to UberJets and Paul M. Svensen. STM has been unable to obtain any evidence showing that the transfers served legitimate business purposes.”

Paul A. Svensen, Jr ran JetCard Plus before its closure in 2019. His son, Paul M. Svensen, listed himself on LinkedIn as sales director at JetCard Plus. Business filings list Paul M. Svensen as an executive and agent with UberJets. As reported, UberJets denies business ties between the two companies.

The filing added all parties are responsible for their respective attorneys’ fees and costs associated with this action. The filing is dated Jan. 10, 2021, and was provided to Private Jet Card Comparisons by a representative of UberJets, LLC.

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