You can now book your first one-way or roundtrip flight at Air Partner’s jet card pricing and terms without the normal 10 hour commitment

With private jet charter prices expected to surge, Air Partner is allowing new customers to fly their first one-way or roundtrip at its published JetCard rates. The offer is valid through Sept. 1.

The offer promises:

  • Fixed hourly rate with no additional costs
  • Round trip discount of 15% for qualified flights
  • Free cancellation up to 72 hours prior to the flight date
  • Paid upgrades with no premium charge
  • No blackout dates

The minimum flight time per trip is two hours. Air Partner sells by category. Its lead price for non-peak days on light jets is $5,800 per hour, including Federal Excise Tax.

Air Partner’s JetCard normally starts at just 10 hours. It includes fixed rates for transatlantic flights and within Europe and from the U.S. to and from the Caribbean and Mexico.

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