FXAir launching fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet card

Sentient Jet, Flexjet sister FXAir is adding a guaranteed, fixed-rate program on the Challenger 300 and Phenom 300 to its dynamic pricing Aviator membership.

By Doug Gollan, June 26, 2023

Sentient Jet, Flexjet sister FXAir is adding a guaranteed, fixed-rate program on the Challenger 300 and Phenom 300 to its dynamic pricing Aviator membership

FXAir will introduce a fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet card next month, executives of the broker confirmed to Private Jet Card Comparisons.

The new program is billed as Aviator + and is in addition to its Aviator membership, which uses dynamic pricing.

An original version was rolled out in early Summer 2021, but as demand surged to record levels, like its sister brands, FXAir put the guaranteed program on hold.

FXAir is part of Directional’s Flexjet, Inc. unit, which includes Flexjet, the second-largest fractional provider, and Sentient Jet, which last year sold $450 million in jet cards.

Aviator + requires a $200,000 deposit and offers non-peak guaranteed availability on 120 hours’ notice.

The program uses tiered pricing.

On 245 Tier 1 days, Phenom 300s are $8,250 per hour, including FET, plus a fuel surcharge. Challenger 300s are $10,500 on the same basis.

For 52 Tier 2 days, there is a 6.1% surcharge on Phenoms and a 9.5% surcharge on Challengers.

There is an 18.2% surcharge on the light jets and a 23.8% surcharge on the super midsize Challengers on 28 Tier 3 days.

On 40 Tier 4 days, aircraft are as available via dynamic pricing and the standard ability to move departures +/- 3 hours.

On the Tier 2 and 3 days, the only difference is a higher rate.

FXAir Aviator + 2023 Hourly Pricing

Days Phenom 300 Surcharge Challenger 300 Surcharge
Tier 1 (245 days)         $  8,250 NA        $ 10,500 NA
Tier 2 (52 days)           8,750 6.1%         11,500 9.5%
Tier 3 (28 days)           9,750 18.2%         13,000 23.8%
Tier 4 (40 days) Dynamic NA Dynamic NA
Source: FXAir

FXAir uses mainly Flexjet legacy aircraft retired from the Flexjet fractional program but owned and operated by the fractional operator.

For this program, there is free domestic WiFi, and Deicing is included.

Members can also use funds for other aircraft types and trips outside the PSA via dynamic pricing.

The primary Service Area for fixed rates is the Continental United States, the Bahamas, Mexico north of the 23rd parallel, plus Cabo San Lucas, and any point within 225 statute miles of the U.S. border.

Internationally, there is no surcharge, just international fees.

Daily minimums are 90 minutes for light jets and 120 minutes for super mids, both excluding taxi time.

FXAir President Gregg Slow says the new program is positioned for flyers who are more flexible than either Sentient or Flexjet and are okay with more peak days and longer callouts.

He says the plan is to sign up between 50 and 100 customers and then see how it goes.

Earlier this month, Flexjet reopened sales to new customers for its jet cards.

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