By-the-seat private jet airline Aero cuts prices by over 60%

By Doug Gollan, June 30, 2023

Aero, which is competing in the by-the-seat private jet market, is offering discounts of over 60%

Aero is cutting its by-the-seat prices to as low as $925.

Los Angeles-Sun Valley seats drop from as much as $2,200 per seat to $925 on selected dates.

Los Angeles to Aspen, where prices range as high as $2,850 per seat, can now be had on limited dates for under $1,000.

Flights from Dallas to Aspen and Los Cabos both drop to $975 for select flights.

Aero uses converted Embraer 135s converted for just 16 seats.

Aero operates on a schedule but uses FBOs, so flyers save time at the airport.

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