Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 33

Global private jet flight activity trends continue ‘holding up pretty well,’ says WingX Managing Director Richard Koe.

By Doug Gollan, August 24, 2023

Private jet flight activity worldwide was equal to last week (68,820 segments) and just 3% below 2022’s record levels, according to the latest WingX data.

WingX Managing Director Richard Koe assesses the world’s biggest private aviation market, noting, “Year-to-date (through Aug. 20.) North America business jet activity is 6% behind last year (and) 18% ahead of 2019.”

He notes, “There have been almost 1.6 million departures from the United States, 6% fewer than the previous year (and) 17% ahead of 2019.”

Koe says, “Trends in global business aviation activity are holding up pretty well through the summer compared to summer last year.”

According to a survey of paid subscribers to Private Jet Card Comparisons, 93% of new since Covid flyers are continuing.

The U.S. (47,183 segments) was 4% off 2022’s levels, while Europe (12,319 segments) was 10% down in Week 33 compared to last year.

Both were equal to Week 32 of this year.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 33

MarketWeek 33%Change vs. prior week%Change vs. 2022 52-week highWeek52-week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks % Change vs. 2022
Global68,8200%-3%76,521W26 202357,233W51 2022279,294-3%
North America51,3910%-3%58,838W41 202241,108W27 2023206,462-3%
USA47,1830%-4%55,070W41 202237,073W27 2023189,639-4%
Florida4,2513%-4%9,174W8 20233,744W39 202217,107-6%
California4,7358%-5%5,512W46 20223,463W27 202317,922-8%
Texas4,2884%-6%5,797W43 20223,335W27 202317,057-6%
Europe12,3190%-10%16,289W26 20236,648W52 202253,086-9%
UK1,4420%-15%2,140W35 2022982W52 20226,073-14%
Germany1,007-6%-21%1,858W38 2022651W52 20224,447-19%
France1,667-4%-12%2,653W26 20231,011W52 20227,599-10%
Switzerland66210%-12%1,039W3 2023549W47 20222,701-14%
Italy1,6452%2%2,264W28 2023511W52 20227,582-1%
Middle East1,5408%-4%2,173W50 2022984W52 20226,009-1%
Africa7773%3%987W17 2023622W2 20233,0978%
Asia21793%9%3,269W50 20221,913W27 20238,44213%
South America1,4950%30%1,498W32 20231,051W44 20225,85426%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners.

Fractional and charter operators saw volume (35,440) slip 2% week-to-week, down 4% from last year.

In the U.S. (24,079 segments), there was a 3% week-to-week slide putting charter and fractional activity at 4% under 2022.

Part 135/91K – Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 33

Market (Part 91K & Part135)Week 33%Change vs. prior wk%Change vs. 202252-week highWeek52-week lowWeekLast 4 Weeks % Change vs. 2022
Global35,440-2%-4%40,375W26 202331,174W51 2022147,126-2%
North America25,227-3%-3%30,412W52 202221,649W27 2023103,353-1%
USA24,079-3%-4%29,057W41 202220505W27 202398,579-2%
Florida2,3182%0%5,792W52 20222,024W39 20229,311-1%
California2,8183%-9%3,410W46 20222,253W27 202311,007-8%
Texas1,7971%-2%2,494W42 20221,404W27 20237,205-2%
Europe9,4130%-6%12,171W27 20234,995W52 202240,654-4%
UK1,004-5%-19%1,612W35 2022735W2 20234,467-14%
Germany737-7%-18%1,223W37 2022516W52 20223,280-14%
France1,3710%-5%1,943W27 2023764W52 20226,012-4%
Switzerland52113%-10%776W7 2023415W47 20222,122-10%
Italy1,3544%10%1,847W28 2023389W52 20226,0851%
Middle East98310%11%1,075W50 2022512W52 20223,74114%
Africa24810%46%341W17 2023160W35 202299041%
Asia492-2%-4%1,015W50 2022443W31 20231,8874%
South America26-35%24%83W45 202217W38 202214338%
Source: WingX for Private Jet Card Comparisons. Includes Jets and VIP Airliners.

Europe (9,413 segments) was flat from the previous week and 6% down from 2022 in the frax/charter market.

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