GlobeAir starts construction on new hangar at Linz Airport

European VLJ jet card and on-demand charter operator GlobeAir is building a new hangar at its headquarters in Austria.

By Doug Gollan, October 5, 2023

Cessna Citation Mustang operator GlobeAir has broken ground on a new hangar at Linz Airport at its headquarters in Austria.

According to the announcement, “This development marks a significant milestone in GlobeAir’s commitment to growth, innovation, and operational excellence within the private aviation sector.”

The 13,000-square foot hangar is a €3.5 million investment designed to span needs over the next four decades.

I can accommodate up to eight of the four-seat Mustang private jets.

The hangar will serve as a dedicated maintenance hub, streamlining in-house maintenance.

Up to 30 service and maintenance positions will be added to support the new facility.

The three-story building will include offices, training rooms, a pilot lounge, storage, a shop, and a parts store integrated within the hangar.

Facilities will be fully integrated on all security levels and be located airside of the Linz Airport, providing added safety and security.

GlobeAir offers both on-demand charters and a tiered jet card with guaranteed availability and fixed hourly rates.

It also offers special VIP packages tied to events such as F1 and TEFAF.

The target date for completion is June 2024.

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