Jettly offers free hours on fixed-rate jet cards

After launching, then putting on hold a fixed-rate, guaranteed jet card, Jettly has reopened sales offering free hours.

By Doug Gollan, November 26, 2023

Boutique broker and platform Jettly is dipping into the guaranteed availability, fixed-rate jet card market with over 100 aircraft-specific options.

The program launched earlier this year, but CEO Justin Crabbe tells Private Jet Card Comparisons that membership was quickly put on the waitlist after a strong response.

However, it is now open to prospects who sign up for the waitlist via Jettly’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.

Its jet card is structured similarly to OneFlight International’s BAJIT program.

It offers fixed rates for over 100 aircraft types, each with its own hourly rate.

Members select a preferred aircraft, and Jettly tries to fulfill that request. However, the guarantee is to present options for the category.

Rates are guaranteed for bookings at least 72 hours before departure or up to 10 hours before departure, with a surcharge of up to 40%.

The fixed rates apply to Continental U.S. but are again good for international travel and travel within Europe for up to 40% premiums.

While there are no peak days or peak day surcharges, cancelation terms are based on the operator.

Jettly will provide the cancelation terms with each option, something that will be important to review before confirming.

Jettly pricing and cost

Jettly’s jet card program is pay-as-you-go.

However, you need to factor in the cost to buy access to hours.

There are a pair of fees that come into the calculus.

A one-time initiation fee is $12,997 when you buy 10 or 25 hours. Fifty hours requires a one-time initiation fee of $14,997, with 100 hours at $19,997.

You then buy access to flight hours.

Buying 10 hours costs $35,000, 25 hours is $50,000, 50 hours is $95,000, and $160,000 for 100 hours.

Those base fees are non-refundable.

You then select an aircraft type.

For example, a Phenom 300 is $7,329, excluding FET.

Assuming you bought 25 hours, you then have to factor in the $12,997 and $50,000 in non-refundable payments.

That’s $2,519 per hour for those first 25 hours and $2,000 per hour if you renew.

In other words, the first 25 hours on a Phenom 300 would cost $9,848 plus FET.

Jettly includes transfers within 50 miles of the departure airports and catering credits.

There are no daily minimums, but segment minimums across all categories are just 60 minutes.

No taxi time is charged.

You can deposit funds if you prefer.

Jettly Discounts

The current promotion offers one free hour at 25 hours, two at 50 hours, and three at 100 hours.

According to an email sent to prospects, there’s also an additional $2,500 catering credit.

Jettly Reviews

Jettly gets decidedly mixed reviews online.

That’s partly based on how it promotes what it does – or what it had been doing prior to launching its jet card.

Jettly has mainly acted as a platform, not as a broker.

It focuses heavily on lead generation with affiliate links in sponsored content and the misleading claim that it had somehow created an Expedia of private jets.

It didn’t.

When you first visit and make a flight request, you only receive estimated pricing – like many other brokers.

That pricing is not pulled from live inventory and cannot be booked as with Expedia and other online travel agencies.

Once you join, you still have to wait for the operators to receive your quote request, and then, if they have time or wish to quote it, come back with a hard quote.

You then have to act fairly quickly, or that quote may no longer be available.

The interface is fine, and it does elicit hard quotes. We’ve tried it before.

In the meantime, users are hit with multiple emails and seeming bot responses, the source of many complaints on Trust Pilot, where Jettly gets an average rating of 3.1 stars.

Interestingly, 33% of its ratings are 1-star, while 54% are 5-star, so there’s not much in the middle.

In the case of its jet card, Jettly promises 24/7 support from “experienced” advisors.

Paid subscribers of Private Jet Card Comparisons can compare Jettly with over 80 providers and more than 900 options.

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