Former AeroVanti CEO Hopes indicted

Scott Hopes is facing three felony charges related to his time as Manatee County Administrator prior to joining AeroVanti.

By Doug Gollan, February 9, 2024

Scott Hopes is now the third AeroVanti CEO to be indicted, although none are related to the private flight membership provider.

He joins AeroVanti founder and again CEO Patrick Britton-Harr and his brother Todd Britton-Harr.

The latter served for a short stint between Hopes and the founder’s return last October.

Todd Britton-Harr had prior indictments and convictions related to drug smuggling and mortgage fraud.

Patrick Britton-Harr was indicted by the Justice Department last year for fraud related to medical businesses he had before launching AeroVanti.

Scott Hopes

Hopes served as boss of AeroVanti from July until October.

When being announced as CEO, Hopes was already under investigation.

That investigation was related to his tenure as Manatee County Administrator.

The felony indictment includes “grand theft of $12,778.52 in county funds received as overpayment during three emergencies that occurred during his tenure as administrator.”

The money was related to overtime, which wasn’t permitted to be charged per his contract, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Other charges included notary fraud and fraudulent use of public records.

During his time as CEO, Hopes told members he was attempting to gain investors and restart the grounded fleet.

Before being fired, Hopes said AeroVanti had racked up as much as $50 million in liabilities under Patrick Britton-Harr.

AeroVanti is facing multiple lawsuits from members and lessors who provided airplanes to the company.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg Businessweek published a recap of the flight provider’s quick rise, gaining hundreds of members and eventual collapse.

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