NetJets pilots set timetable for vote on $1.6 billion contract raise

In a memo to members, NJASAP said it secured ‘a net increase in total pilot compensation of more than $1.6 billion’.

By Doug Gollan, February 29, 2024

NJASAP, the union representing pilots at NetJets, has set a timetable for voting on the Tentative Agreement, or TA, negotiated earlier this month. The union says if approved, it will offer a net increase in compensation of more than $1.6 billion.

According to a union resource guide, seven town halls will be held in early March.

Members will receive the referendum with voting instructions via UPS by the middle of the month.

Voting will begin on March 15 and end at 1 pm EST on April 12.

Results will be announced an hour later.

$1.6 billion of increases

A summary of the agreement by NJASAP says the deal, if approved, will bring pilots much closer to what they could earn at the major airlines.

A review of pilot wage tables shows base wages ranging from $86,000 to over $400,000.

NJASAP has argued that pilots’ attrition would increase dramatically without a substantial raise.

The message to members claims, “When the last base pay increase is added to pilot pay on May 1, 2029, the pay gap between NetJets and major airlines will be reduced from the current 60% to 4.6% for large-cabin captains and 17.6% for small-cabin captains.”

It goes on to say, “Class 5 base pay is forecast to exceed average mainline pay by 2028.”

Overall, the agreement “secures a net increase in total pilot compensation of more than $1.6 billion. Stated another way, the TA will result in an average per pilot increase of more than $400,000 in net new compensation in comparison (to the current agreement).

NJASAP says, “The proposed base wages will increase pilot pay by 52% across the term of the agreement. For reference, according to the proposed base wages tables, a 10-year PIC who holds the 7&7 Schedule will earn an additional $37,604 per year or $3,134 per month after the first increase of 23%.”

Other benefits include a longer duration for medical leaves of absence and accrual of seniority while on leave.

Long-term disability pay also goes up, as would a 401k match.

NJASAP leadership also gave itself a pat on the back.

“When negotiations began in early February 2023, management envisioned a $50 million bump to base wages. One year later, we had secured a net improvement of $129 million to pilot rates.”

The union also says it rebuffed management’s goal of getting a 10-year agreement.

If approved, the new agreement becomes amendable in May 2030. The union is able to give notice of its intent to amend the deal in May 2029.

NetJets vs. NJASAP

In the 100-page document, NJASAP refuted it agreed to put the proposal to a vote after threats of litigation against the union.

NetJets alleged “self-help” in documenting increases in fatigue calls reports of maintenance issues.

The union also said they believe this is the best offer.

“On the final day of negotiations, management made it abundantly clear they would not move one more inch,” NJASAP told members.

An analysis of pilot sentiment revealed the cockpit crews held decidedly mixed views prior to receiving the full details.

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