launches 15-hour jet card for new members

New York-based jet card seller is offering a free hour to new members who buy a 15-hour card.

By Doug Gollan, March 5, 2024 is offering a new Trial Membership starting at 15 hours.

The offer comes with one complimentary flight hour.

New joiners who take their first flight within 60 days can upgrade to its 25-hour jet card. You can then receive two free hours.

If you take your first flight within 60 days and are unhappy, you can get a refund for the unused balance.

The refund request must be submitted in writing within five days.

“With our introductory jet card, fliers who are considering for their private aviation needs gain access to the same time-saving benefits and seamless travel experience that our 1,200 plus members enjoy every day,” says Damian Klinger, Co-founder of

He adds, “This program allows private fliers to trial our services, with the option to upgrade to our standard jet card if it suits their needs. With our impressive member retention rate exceeding 91%, we’re confident that new members will be delighted by their experience.”

The New York-based hybrid broker and operator includes deicing expenses.

It is one of the few fixed-rate jet card providers that does not charge taxi time.

The price for the new membership begins at $122,850 on a light jet.

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