Ventura Air Services launches regional jet card

Long Island-based Ventura Air Services has jumped into the jet card game with an Eastern U.S. midsize program.

By Doug Gollan, April 27, 2024

Ventura Air Services’ history dates back to 1955. However, it’s just now entering the jet card game.

The Farmingdale, New York-based managed company and charter operator offers two jet cards on the back of its Citation Excel/XLS fleet.

The midsize options come in increments of 15-and-25-hours.

The guarantee is for an Excel/XLS or similar, so it is not a specific aircraft guarantee.

Callout is 72 hours non-peak with dynamic pricing on 43 peak days.

The primary service area is the Continental U.S. east of the Mississippi.

Private Jet Card Comparisons members can compare Ventura Air Services with over 80 providers.

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