SkyShare launches financing program for fractional shares

Preowned fractional SkyShare’s new financing program enables customers to reduce initial outlay to 35% of acquisition price.

By Doug Gollan, May 8, 2024

Preowned fractional share flight provider SkyShare has launched a new financing program.

This groundbreaking initiative coincides with SkyShare’s 15th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its history of providing premium aviation solutions.

The new plan enables fractional owners to reduce the upfront commitment.

For example, its SFX Pilatus PC-12 program shares start at $335,000.

The new financing options require only 35%, or initially $117,250.

According to the announcement, monthly finance payments are as low as $2,354.

For the large-cabin SFX+ offering on Gulfstream G450s, shares begin at $950,000.

The financing option requires a $332,500 down payment and $6,684 monthly finance payments.

“Our goal is to make private flight as accessible and beneficial as possible, ensuring clients can keep their money working for them while enjoying all the benefits of a personal aircraft fleet,” said Cory Bengtzen, CEO and Founder of SkyShare.

He added, “If you’re a small or medium business aiming to compete with a Goliath in your industry by doing more business face-to-face, here’s a brand new slingshot.”

SFX enables buyers to have a guaranteed interchange with both Citation CJ2s and, in the future, Excels. SFX + allows the entire fleet guaranteed access.

The company was known as CB SkyShare before a rebranding in 2023.

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