Jet AI using artificial intelligence to source jet card discounts

Jet card buyers with Jet AI will be able to save money via choosing empty leg flights when applicable to their requests.

By Doug Gollan, June 12, 2024

Jet.AI has launched a new benefit for jet card customers using artificial intelligence.

The Las Vegas flight provider will offer discounts via empty legs to clients requesting fixed-rate jet card flights.

Reroute AI, the company’s AI-powered empty leg modification tool, analyzes flight requests and possible empty legs. If there is a match, customers can opt for the less expensive option.

Founder and Executive Chair Mike Winston tells Private Jet Card Comparisons, “Empty legs rarely work, but reroutes often do. A reroute is a slight tweak to an empty leg booked at a price between the low cost of an empty and the high cost of a new charter.”

Winston says, “Our Reroute AI software points out opportunity, suggests a price to the operator, and allows for a smooth transaction.”

Jet.AI recently expanded its jet card program nationally and added turboprop rates.

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