Able American Jets is a Wyvern Authorized Broker that utilizes Wyvern accredited, Argus accredited, and FAA 135 operators. Clients enjoy personal concierge service with many available aircraft types of their choosing. Able American Jets places the trip for bids on several subscription services to find its customers the lowest cost with the safest operator. Pricing is based on wholes rates plus fixed markups.

When was Able American Jets founded?


Who owns Able American Jets?

The company is privately owned.

Who is the CEO of Able American Jets?

Larry Leet

Where is Able American Jets’ headquarters?

Vero Beach, FL

How many employees does Able American Jets have?


What is the primary service area for Able American Jets?


Does Able American Jets provide Guaranteed Availability?


What is the minimum age for children traveling alone on Able American Jets?

It varies by the operator

What is the minimum lead-time for making a reservation with Able American Jets?

It’s recommended to book 30+ days to secure the best rates, although there is no minimum.

What is Able American’s website?

To find out more about Able American Jets, including all its programs, blackout days, peak days, reservation requirements for peak days, aircraft capacity, daily minimum charges, cancellation policies, WiFi availability, refund policies, rollover options, guaranteed upgrade/downgrade options, escrow options, ability to select FBO, what catering’s included, pilot qualifications, aircraft sourcing standards, flight attendant inclusion, type of lavatory on the planes, pet policy, minimum age for sending unaccompanied minors, service recovery guarantees, customer service, and other amenities and services become a Private Jet Card Comparisons subscriber.

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