AeroVanti Executive Overview

Year Founded2021
LeadershipPatrick Britton-Harr, CEO
HeadquartersAnnapolis, MD
Jet Card Hourly RatesPiaggio P.180 from $1,995 per hour
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Annapolis, Maryland-based AeroVanti was founded in May 2021 by medical services entrepreneur Patrick Britton-Harr. The company uses an owned/leased fleet of Piaggio P.180 aircraft operated by Brazos Valley Air Charter. The program is targeted to flyers who want low rates and have the flexibility to fly on an as-available provider. It is starting with five dedicated aircraft.

When was it founded?

AeroVanti was founded in May 2021.

Who owns AeroVanti?

It's privately held

Who is the CEO?

Patrick Britton-Harr

How are aircraft sourced?

Leased/Owned fleet operated by Part 135 operator Brazos Valley Air Charter

What are the initiation and membership fees?

Membership starts at $1,000 per month, based on a one-year contract

What is the entry-level program?

Individual Membership covers member and their spouse

Do the program provide guaranteed availability?

No, it's as available. Bookings can be made up to 365 days in advance

Is the hourly rate guaranteed?


What is the company website?

Where is AeroVanti’s headquarters?

Annapolis, MD

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