XOJET Expands Its Safety Programs And Support

In a busy year, XOJET has revamped its jet card program, opened a new sales office in Palm Beach, expanded lifestyle partnerships and continued fleet refurbishments


XOJET announced heightened investments in safety, flight standards and training as a response to a surge in business during 2017.  In a press released, the company said it has appointed Daniel Ramirez, formerly at Embraer Aircraft Corporation, as its new director of safety. It said driven by a 13% increase in new membership programs under its newly-minted XOJET Access Solutions, which launched earlier this year, the company has doubled the size and reach of its Flight Standards Department and executed the on-demand private aviation industry’s first Line Operations Safety Assessment (LOSA). XOJET is the first Part 135 operator to conduct this rigorous program, which strengthens the company’s already robust set of safety protocols.  

College Football National Championship Puts Jet Linx In The Spotlight

Jet Linx offers guaranteed availability and guaranteed hourly rates for its jet card programs


One of the key selling points for Jet Linx Aviation’s jet card program is the private terminals it operates at 14 different locations in the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast. Instead of transiting through FBOs, Jet Linx jet card customers access a dedicated Jet Linx terminal lounge. There is a valet and their car is detailed while they are away. It is returned waiting with air conditioning or heating as appropriate. When members step into the lounge, they find their favorite spirits and snacks available. In a high-touch industry, Jet Linx goes a step further. 

Delta Private Jets Is Giving Two Roundtrip Business Class Tickets To Europe When You Buy A $250,000 Jet Card

Delta Private Jets manages more than 70 private jets, all WiFi equipped


Delta Private Jets is highlighting its ownership by Delta Air Lines by offering purchasers of $250,000 jet cards two roundtrip Delta One Business Class tickets from the U.S. to Europe. Deadline is December 15, 2017. 

Air Partner Adds Gourmet Catering, Launches £1 million Jet Card Membership

Air Partner’s JetCard includes de-icing, an important feature if you do a lot of winter flying.


Air Partner has launched new gourmet menus for flights departing 34 airports in Europe. Air Partner JetCard members will benefit from the new collaboration with On Air Dining as its new supplier.

Flexjet Continues Sponsorship Of The St. Regis World Snow Polo Championship In Aspen

Flexjet sells fractional shares and jet cards. It recently added the Gulfstream G650 to its fleet.


Flexjet LLC said it is continuing its sponsorship as official Aviation Partner for the St. Regis World Snow Polo Championship taking place December 14-17, 2017. Flexjet once again will sponsor the defending championship-winning Flexjet Polo Team. 

These Seven Ski Resort Airports Can Create Havoc For Your Vacation

When dealing with winter weather, remember to compare Jet Cards for pilot sourcing standards, the inclusion of de-icing and service recovery policies.


Winter in North America means ski weekends, and to many western resorts flying by private jet will save you major time versus needing to change in airline hubs, switching to the regional jets airlines use to serve many of these destinations. The problem with flying commercially to these places is that when there are cancellations, often you can’t get new seats for days due to the low capacity aircraft they use on these routes. 

November Was Another Strong Growth Month For European Business Aviation

November was another growth month for business aviation in Europe, with 61,837 flight departures, up 6.1% YOY, taking the YTD growth trend to 4.2%. Activity in November 2017 was still 10.5% behind the pre-crisis peak back in November-2007, reports WINGX.