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1.10.2023 Corporate Jet Investor: Private jet card daily minimums balance out soaring hourly prices

1.10.2023 Financial Times: Private jet business soars despite commercial airline revival

12.01.2022 Aviation International News: Charter market seeing seismic shift

12.01.2022 Aviation International News: Jet It begins to add Embraer Phenom 300s

11.21.2022 Aviation Week: Study shows 94% of new private jet fliers plan to stay

11.13.2022 CNBC: Demand for private jets remains high, but flyers are not happy about increasing costs


10.21.2022 Bloomberg: The private jet boom is ripe for scrutiny

10.19.2022 Travel Daily News: 94% of new private aviation users since the Covid pandemic plan to continue, although price is an issue

10.3.2022 Aviation International News: Jet card hourly rates continue to climb

07.29.2022 Business Insider: Inside the private jet shortage as the rich pay skyrocketing prices for fuel and charters to avoid airline chaos

07.27.2022 Business Insider: Wealthy flyers are escaping the summer’s travel chaos by chartering private jets

07.05.2022 Aviation Week: Jet card prices on the rise

06.30.2022 Robb Report: Why booking a private jet is more difficult than ever this summer

06.13.2022 Financial Times: The trouble with private jets…is there aren’t enough

05.22.2022 Travel Weekly: Semiprivate airlines rebound from pandemic

05.21.2022 Robb Report: Flying private has never been more popular

05.20.2022 Long Island Business News: Long Island jet setters takeoff

05.05.2022 NBC WPTV: Private air travel in Florida is up, contributing to crowded skies

05.04.2022 Business Jet Traveler: Costs Soaring For Jet Cards

02.23.2022 Corporate Jet Investor: Private jet users to fly more this year

02.23.2022 Aviation International News: Survey: 51% of bizav users expect to fly more this year

01.25.2022 Barron’s Penta: Private jet travel soared in 2021

01.16.2022 Washington Examiner: Jets, yachts, and automobiles: The most successful luxury markets of 2021

01.03.2022 Travel + Leisure: Best private jet companies for your personal charter

12.23.2021 ABC News: Private jet firms are soaring in popularity after big COVID-19 bailouts. Were they a ‘handout to the wealthy?

11.29.2021 L.A. Biz: Super Bowl’s return to L.A. will showcase stars — and could be an industry coming-out party

11.21.2021 Axios: The great yacht, plane shortage

11.19.2021 Avbuyer: Tips to prepare your jet for end of lease

11.09.2021 Washingtonian: Private jet travel surged during the pandemic. Could you afford it, too?

11.07.2021 Robb Report: Amid unprecedented demand, delays and downgrades are now private aviation’s new normal

10.30.2021 Sunset: The new way to fly: private jets are more accessible than ever

10.20.2021 Reuters Money Talks: U.S. private jet industry sees soaring demand amid pandemic

10.18.2021 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Market’s just red hot’: Scramble for private jets makes prices soar, seats scarce

10.18.2021 Town & Country: Do cell phones even work on private jets?

10.01.2021 The New York Times: Private jet market grapples with surge in get-me-away demand

10.01.2021 CNBC: Private jet rage grows as a record number of fliers strain the system, causing plane shortages

09.11.2021 Travel Weekly: Popularity of private flying in North America hits new heights

08.27.2021 The Points Guy: Private jet travel: What you need to know before chartering that plane right now

08.20.2021 Jefferies: North American biz aviation activity demonstrating strong momentum

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07.30.2021 Newsday: Where the rich and famous give their private jets a glow-up

07.22.2021 Business Traveler: Record demand for private jets set to continue

07.13.2021 Aviation International News: Private aviation boom likely to linger

07.13.2021 Aviation Pros: Record demand for private jets to continue

06.24.2021 Robb Report: The market Is red hot: Flying privately Is reaching record highs as personal travel surges.

06.03.2021 Worth: How COVID boosted private aviation—permanently

05.27.2021 The Times (U.K.): Britain is worst in Europe for private jet pollution

The Times UK

05.21.2021 Bloomberg: Texas billionaire’s supersonic-jet dream dies as Aerion folds

05.20.2021 CNBC: Wheels Up revenue surges 68% amid robust demand for private jet travel

03.23.2021 Business Traveler: Private jet travel stays strong as commercial flights rebound

03.18.2021 Conde Nast Traveler: Why flying private Is here to stay

03.16.2021 Travel Weekly: Delta SkyMiles members could soon redeem points for private jet flights

02.24.2021 Elite Traveler: Private Jet Card Comparisons launches Jet Card Decider 2.0

02.13.2021 Aerotimes: While commercial planes stay still, private jets fly high

02.10.2021 Rent Cafe: Experts advise on how to stay safe while traveling during the pandemic

01.26.2021 Town&Country: Can you charter the plane that flew Joe Biden to his inauguration? Yes you can.

01.25.2021 Luxury Daily: New private aviation clients will continue flying in luxury post-pandemic: survey

01.24.2021 Yahoo Life: Who needs Corporate clients? Private aviation is booming thanks to a 300% Increase in new fliers

01.08.2021 Business Traveler: Private flying vrooms into 2021

12.15.2020 Business Insider: Wealthy executives are ditching commercial travel for the ‘country club’ experience of private jets, and luxury destinations are pivoting to meet demand

12.10.2020 The Hill: Why the ‘Digital Health Passport’ will send air travelers jetting for private options

11.29.2020 Miami Herald: Is the cancellation of Art Basel a blessing in disguise for Miami’s art scene?

11.08.2020 Robb Report: 4 Prime Vacation Destinations That Are Open Only To Private Jets

10.30.2020 CNBC: Private Jet Traffic to the Hamptons and Aspen is Booming As The Rich Flee Big Cities

10.17.2020 The Points Guy: How Delta’s Stake In The Private Jet Industry Could Be A Lifeline For The Airline

10.09.2020 Vegas: The Frequent Flyer’s Secret To Booking Private Jets

09.27.2020 Miami Magazine: Fly Away: Experience The Luxuries of Private Jet Travel

09.25.2020 Vice: The Pandemic Is Sanitizing The Image Of Private Travel

09.17.2020 Town & Country: The Latest Trend in High-End Travel? TheTakeover

08.26.2020 Travel Weekly: Private Travel Takes Off

08.21.2020 Conde Nast Traveller Middle East: Etiquette for Private Jet Travel

08.19.2020 Skift: Private Jet Operators Are Stealing Business From U.S. Airlines

08.08.2020 The Wall Street Journal: A Beginner’s Guide To Flying Private

07.30.2020 The New York Times: Afraid Of The Airlines? There’s Always The Private Jet

07.29.2020 Luxury Daily: NetJets Expands Fleet, Ends Furloughs in Europe

07.10.2020 The Los Angeles Times: The Rich Are Flying Again – In The Comfort Of Their Private Jets

07.09.2020 Fox Business: Coronavirus Helps Private Jet Companies Clean Up While Commercial Airlines Struggle

06.24.2020 Globetrender: Six Private Jet Trends That Are Emerging From The COVID-19 Crisis

06.19.2020 CNBC: Private Jet Flights Surge On Health Fears, Lower Prices

06.16.2020 Business Traveler: Private Jet Comparisons Guide Offers First-Timers Valuable Tips

06.15.2020 Business Air News: PJCC Shows Industry Newcomers The Ropes With 101 Guide

06.08.2020 No Plane No Gain: Business Aviation Company Donates More Than 100k Meals to COVID-19 Relief

06.02.2020 Global Traveler: Outlook Remains Positive For 2020 Private Jet Travel

05.30.2020 The New York Times: Wealthy Fliers Worried About Coronavirus Turn to Private Jet Service

05.26.2020 Departures: What the Future of Private Aviation Looks Like Post-COVID

05.20.2020 Reader’s Digest: 12 things you won’t see in airports anymore

05.18.2020 Page Six: Helicopter company that operated Kobe Bryant’s fatal flight gets CV bailout cash

05.16.2020 Salon: Major Trump megadonor’s private jet company lands $27 million bailout

05.15.2020: Propublica: Another Private Jet Company Owned by a Trump Donor Got a Bailout — This One for $20 Million

05.09.2020 Town & Country: When will it be safe to travel again?

04.29.2020 Dallas Business Journal: As DFW aviation firm files for bankruptcy, what happens to millions in unused customer deposits?

04.23.2020 Conde Nast Traveler: Will more people fly private after Coronavirus?

04.21.2020 CNBC: Private jet company JetSuite grounds fleet and furloughs crew as coronavirus saps travel demand

04.20.2020 National Business Aviation Association Podcast: What Lies Ahead for Business Aviation After COVID-19?

4.04.2020 Just Luxe: The Private Jet Industry and Coronavirus

3.23.2020 Travel Weekly: Private jet bookings skyrocket during coronavirus crisis

03.17.2020 Business Traveler USA: Private jet use skyrocketing

03.16.2020 Luxury Daily: Private jet travel takes off as affluent avoid commercial flights

03.10.2020 Corporate Jet Investor: Private Jet Card Comparisons launches COVID-19 guide

02.21.2020 Mensbook: Navigating the jungle of private jet programs

02.18.2020 Crain’s Chicago Business: A new business class airline hopes to launch in Spring

12.15.2019 South China Morning Post: Private jet ownership is falling, but why are billionaires signing up for jet card memberships and hiring instead of buying?

12.12.2019 Luxury Daily: Delta takes stake in Wheels Up

12.12.2019 Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Delta spinning off Delta Private Jets in deal with Wheels Up

12.12.2019 View From The Wing: Delta shakes up private jet industry

12.12.2019 Miami Herald: Delta Private Jets is now backing one of Miami’s most popular private jet carriers

12.01.2019 Eat Love Savor: Advising customers on their perfect private jet plan

11.27.2019 Life Hacker: How to rent a private jet

10.01.2019 Business Air News: Jet card comparisons reveals buyers’ preferences

09.24.2019 The Street: Private Jet Card Comparisons releases its first reader survey

08.13.2019 Luxury Daily: JetSuiteX touts time saved with alternative aviation in rebranding effort

07.24.2019 Domain Name News: It’s time to take off all those domain sales lists

07.12.2019 Conde Nast Traveler: Everything you wanted to know about private jet airports

06.09.2019 Luxpose: A new restaurant guide for private jet travelers

05.21.2019 Luxury Daily: Private Jet Card Comparisons continues offerings with curated restaurant guide

04.29.2019 Luxury Daily: Four Seasons brings private jet air travel to new heights with custom jet

04.24.2019 Yahoo Finance: How to protect yourself when joining a private aviation membership program

04.23.2019 Washingtonian: Who are the richest people in Washington D.C.?

04.11.2019 Miami Herald: JetSmarter Is Being Acquired: Its Buyer Plans To Hire More In Ft. Lauderdale

04.10.2019 Millbank: Nearly 1,500 Private Jets Land At Climate-Focused Davos Summit

02.22.2019 Travel Market Report: Jet Card Website Offers Traveler Advisors Reference Guide

02.20.2019 Blacklane: Why Companies Fly By Business Jet

02.18.2019 Business Air News:  PJCC Launches Best Private Jet Charter Brokers Guide

02.17.2019 Cleveland Business:  Flexjet and Flight Options Lawsuit says firms were harassed by a pilots organization

02.15.2019 The Points Guy:  Is The End Of JetSmarter In Sight?

02.15.2019 Treviso:  Is The Dumb End Of JetSmarter In Sight?

01.23.2019 New York Post:   Nearly 1,500 Private Jets Are Coming to Davos

01.22.2019 MarketWatch:  1,500 Private Jets Expected in Davos

01.14.2019  Luxury Daily:  Private Jet Card Comparisons launches 2019 edition

12.30.2018  Los Angeles Daily News:  This Los Angeles Aviation Firm Just Turned 50

12.04.2018  Business Jet Traveler:  Surf Air Pulls Out Of Europe

11.30.2018  Miami Herald:  How Art Basel and Uber-style apps are helping fuel Miami’s private jet industry

11.29.2018  Wichita Eagle:  Private aviation is poised to reach its biggest audience yet. But will customers buy?

11.13.2018 Financial News UK:  Jet card expert releases jet card pricing book

10.24.2018 Toronto Globe & Mail:   Use of private jets soars on shared-ownership plans

09.30.2018  The Dallas Morning News:  Why JetSuite ditched California for Dallas to grow its private jet business

09.13.2018 Luxury Daily:  Luxury trends in Milan

09.05.2018 Skift:  Decades-old travel media company Andrew Harper goes back to basics

08.17.2018 Miami Herald:  Kim Kardashian was used by private jet company to mislead customers, suit says

08.08.2018 Travel Weekly:  Scheduled charter services still seeking niche

07.26.2018 USA Today:  How to charter a plane

07.15.2018 Business Airport International:  Share the wealth

07.09.2018 Luxury Daily:  Taj Hotels celebrates #WeTime in content-driven campaign

07.05.2018 Avbuyer:  Everything you need to know before you buy a jet card

06.18.2018 MarketWatch:  Royal Caribbean’s $1 billion deal shows demand for cruises off the beaten path

05.31..2018  WiseBread:  15 crazy money-making ideas that actually worked

05.24.2018  Navigator:  Jet Card Decider worksheet now available from Private Jet Card Comparisons

05.24.2018  Elite Traveler:  Private Jet Card Comparisons launches JET CARD DECIDER worksheet

05.21.2018  Financial News UK:  Private Jet Card Comparisons launches new tool for subscribers

05.10.2018  Corporate Jet Investor:  Private Jet Card Comparisons launches Jet Card Decider selection tool

05.01.2018   Navigator:  Private Jet Card Comparisons is the only independent buyer’s guide to jet card programs

04.24.2018    JSF International Travel & Tourism University:  The rise of jet cards

04.16.2018  Luxe Getaways:  How to buy a jet card membership

04.13.2018  NBC News:  Price is just one factor when buying a jet card

04.07.2018  Marketwatch:  5 ways commercial first class is better than a private jet

04.03.2018  Marketwatch:  Even most multimillionaires can’t afford to own a private jet

03.28.2018  CNBC:  Bring your pet on a private jet

03.28.2018  USA Today:  Traveling with a pet? Should you fly commercial or private?

03.28.2018  Luxury Daily:  Aviation alternatives luring UHNW away from jet ownership

03.21.2018  Financial News UK:  Jet cards becoming more popular

03.09.2018  Luxury Daily:  Lessons from first class

02.15.2018  Business Airport International:  Top 50 Private Aviation Airports Revealed

01.25.2018  Financial News UK:  Private Jet Card Comparisons Analyzes Over 250 Jet Card Membership Programs

01.24.2018  Markets Insider:   Private Jet Card Comparisons Releases 2018 Analysis Of Over 250 Leading Private Jet Card Membership Programs

01.19.2018  Aviation Week:  Private Jet Card Comparisons Adds Corporate Gift, Affiliate Programs

01.17.2018  Reader’s Digest:  20 myths about airplanes you need to stop believing 

01.12.2018  Financial News UK:  Private Jet Card Comparisons launches first corporate gift program

12.03.2017  Corporate Jet Investor:  How Peak Day policies can impact which private jet card membership is right for you

11.24.2017  Financial News UK:   Peak Day policies vary widely across Jet Card programs

11.23.2017  Markets Insider:  How Peak Day Policies Can Impact Which Private Jet Card Membership Is Right For You

11.01.2017  Business Travel Executive:  A New Service For Private Jet Users

11.01.2017  CNBC:  Here’s What It’s Like To Take $150,000 Trip Around The World On A Private Jet

10.27.2017  Elite Traveler:  How To Buy A Private Jet Card

10.14.2017  God Save The Points:  A New Free Private Jet Ride Is Available For Top Tier Frequent Fliers

10.14.2017  View From The Wing:  Free Private Flights For Top Tier Elites

10.05.2017  Aviation International News:  Drawing A Winning Jet Card

09.19.2017  Research Group International:  Geoffrey Cassidy Responsible For Zetta Jet Bankruptcy?

09.19.2017  AIN Online:  Zetta Jet Files For Bankruptcy Protection

09.11.2017  The Mad Minute:  How to Find the Right Jet Card Membership for Your Lifestyle and Business

08.30.2017 Business Insider:  What’s The Best Private Jet Card Program?

08.10.2017 Just Luxe:  Private Jet Card Comparisons:  A New Consumer-Centric Website For Buying A Private Jet Card

08.05.2017 Corporate Jet Investor:  Research Shows Pro Golfers Save Time Flying By Private Jet

08.03.2017 Luxury Daily: Can luxury brands market to the UHNW via social media?

07.31.2017 The Street:  Pro Golfers Flying By Private Jet Reduce Travel Time 60%

07.31.2017 Forbes: Private Jet Travel In Golf

07.28.2017 Luxury Daily:  VistaJet Tackles Chinese Market With New Digital Platform

07.14.2017 Barron’s:  The Best Private Jet Cards

07.01.2017 Business Traveller:  Private Jets – Pay It Forward

06.13.2017 Luxury Daily: Jet Linx Aviation Adds To Its Lifestyle Program

06.06.2017 Luxury Daily: Qatar’s Luxury, Hospitality Sectors In Limbo After Diplomatic Crisis

05.18.2017 Conde Nast Traveler: How To Charter A Private Jet

05.11.2017 Luxury Daily: LAX Debuts First Luxury Terminal For VIPs Only

05.08.2017 Luxury Daily: Online Database To Compare Choices For Private Jet Programs

05.07.2017 Luxe Getaways: Private Jet Card Comparisons Simplifies Aircraft Search

05.04.2017 Cheese Traveler:  Private Jet Card Comparisons is the Kelley Blue Book of private jet cards

05.03.2017 Private Jet Podcast:  Everything you need to know about jet cards

05.03.2017 PR Newswire: Provides Innovative Insight, Advising Consumers on the Perfect Private Jet Plan

04.24.2017 Forbes:  How To Comparisons Shop For A Private Jet

04.20.2017 Navigator Flying Private Perfected

04.16.2017 Girlahead:  Doug Gollan Is THE Specialist On Luxury Private Jet Traveler

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