JetSet Group Inc. is a full-service private jet and aircraft brokerage company for all types of flights worldwide. The brokerage provides access to over 5,000 aircraft from turbo props to jumbo jets. Each customer has their own dedicated concierge, including arranging ground transportation, flexible flight arrangements and continuous tracking.

JetSet Group Executive Overview

When was JetSet Group founded?

Who owns JetSet Group?

Who is the CEO of JetSet Group?
Steve Orfali

How are JetSet Group aircraft sourced?
Charter operators

What are JetSet Group’s initiation and membership fees?
There are no initiation or membership fees for JetSet Group’s jet cards

What is JetSet Group’s entry-level program?
JetSet Group’s 25-hour Light Jet jet card is $125,000 not including 7.5% FET

Does JetSet Group provide guaranteed availability?

Is the hourly rate guaranteed?

Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?

What is the company website?

Where is JetSet Group’s headquarters?
New York, NY

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