JetSuite: In addition to card membership programs, Irvine, CA-based JetSuite also offers the JetSuiteX single seat service aboard private jets for selected routes. The company partners with JetBlue to offer reciprocal loyal points with the airline for its customers as well deliver other strategic benefits.

 Jet Suite Elevator Pitch 

For Elevator Pitch we asked jet card sellers to tell you in less than 300 words why you should choose their company. 

By Cameron Gowans  VP, Sales & Marketing, JetSuite

“When we first started JetSuite, we wanted to bring value and intelligence back to private aviation. To this day, I’m incredibly proud that JetSuite continues to provide flying that moves your soul through transparent pricing, efficient operations, acute attention to detail, acclaimed customer service, and industry-leading safety practices.

Our SuiteKey membership program enables you to put a deposit on a set of flight hours at special rates, up to 20% off our retail prices, plus for members we waive change fees, provide twice the grace period and have more flexible cancellation policies for our members. JetSuite’s service aboard our fleet of JetSuite Edition Phenom 100 and CJ3s jets speaks for itself, with some of the best captains and first officers in the business waiting to serve you on the ground and in air. It’s that service, I believe, that truly sets us apart and makes our customers return time and time again.

We’ve continued the smart mindset with the introduction of JetSuiteX, our by-the-seat public charter offering, which combines the best of the private experience with business-class style in air amenities and the reliable scheduled service of commercial flying. What’s more, our SuiteKey members get a special promotional rate on JetSuiteX for our flights between select west coast cities.”

Executive Overview

When was JetSuite founded?


Who owns JetSuite?

JetSuite is a privately held company. Among its investors are JetBlue founder David Neeleman and Zappos founder Tony Hsieh. JetBlue also recently invested in the company.

Who is the CEO of JetSuite?

Alex Wilcox

Where is JetSuite headquarters?

Irvine, CA

How many employees does JetSuite have?

JetSuite has 250 employees

What is the service area for JetSuite?

JetSuite service area is the Continental United States; most of Canada; much of Mexico and the Caribbean, including Cuba.

Does JetSuite provide Guaranteed Availability?


What is the price for a jet card from JetSuite?

JetSuite prepaid programs start at $50,000.

What is the minimum lead-time for making a reservation with JetSuite?


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