ONEFlight International Executive Overview

Year Founded2011
LeadershipFerren Rajput, CEO
HeadquartersDenver Colorado
Jet Card Hourly RatesTurboprops from $5,670 per hour, including FET
Very Light Jets from $6,997 per hour, including FET
Light Jets from $6,884 per hour, including FET
Related ProductsOn-demand charter, Empty legs
Related CompaniesNone

ONEFlight International was founded in 2011. It offers its BAJiT (Book A Jet) on-demand charter and fixed-rate jet card program that allows you to select specific aircraft types. For its jet card, you pay a one-time $15,000 initiation fee. You pay $50,000 for the right to buy 25 hours, with discounts for 50 and 100 hour hours. There is a $2,500 fee every 12 months. Members can select from over 50 specific aircraft types with guaranteed one-way hourly rates. The company is based in Denver, Colorado. Since 2019, Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec has been its spokesperson for television commercials.

ONEFlight International is included in the Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database of over 50 jet card providers, enabling you to compare programs in minutes.

When was ONEFlight founded?


Who owns the company?

Like most private jet providers, ONEFlight is privately held.

Who is the CEO?

 Ferren Rajput is the founder. He has served as CEO since its inception. 

How are aircraft sourced?

OneFlight is a broker. It sources aircraft via third-party charter operators. All operators must meet or exceed ONEflight safety standards, or hold a Argus Gold, Platinum certification or Wyvern Wingman certification, or be IS-BAO Stage 2.

What are the initiation and membership fees?

There is a $15,000 initiation fee and $2,500 annual fee

What is ONEFlight’s entry-level program?

There is a 5-hour, $15,000 trial jet card offered from time to time. Normally, the entry point is 25 hours of flight time.

Does ONEFLight provide guaranteed availability?


Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?

Yes, except with the 5-hour trial program.

What is the company website?

Where is ONEFlight’s headquarters?

Denver, Colorado

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