Star Jets International Executive Overview

Year Founded2016
LeadershipRicky Sitomer, CEO
HeadquartersNew York, NY
Jet Card Hourly Rates$5,977 per hour, including FET with a 120-minute minimum
Related ProductsOn-demand charterEmpty legs

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In addition to its Skycard private jet membership programs, Star Jets International, LLC offers a menu of on-demand charter, group private jet travel, aircraft sales and management services as well as overall travel consulting and yacht charter services. It offers guaranteed rate and dynamic pricing based jet cards. The company was founded 2016 by private aviation charter veteran Ricky Sitomer, who also started Blue Star Jets.

When was it founded?


Who owns it?

Public, OTC

Who is the CEO?

Ricky Sitomer

How are the aircraft sourced?

Charter operators

What are the initiation and membership fees?

There are no initiation or membership fees for Star Jet’s jet card programs

What is the entry-level program?

Star Jet offers a $50,000 Skycard which uses dynamic pricing

Do they provide guaranteed availability?


Is the hourly rate guaranteed?

Yes, for its 25-hour aircraft specific jet cards. Its dollar denominated jet cards feature dynamic pricing.

Can jet card holders/members use multiple aircraft at the same time?


What is the company website?

Where is their headquarters?

New York, NY

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