AeroVanti faces $50 million in liabilities as it plots restart


Grounded AeroVanti wants to get back in the air by placing its aircraft with third-party charter operators. It owes $19 million for unpaid sports sponsorships

It turns out members and trade creditors weren’t the only ones stiffed by AeroVanti. According to new Chairman and CEO Scott Hopes, the grounded Piaggio membership provider owes $19 million to professional sports teams for sponsorships, which were never paid.

AeroVanti expects to be flying again within two weeks


New AeroVanti CEO Scott Hopes told members today there could be as much as $31 million in flight credit liabilities

AeroVanti’s website is back online, and it expects to have one or two airplanes flying within the next two weeks.

Hopes says there is hope for AeroVanti


Scott Hopes says he is now CEO of AeroVanti, and it has received a funding infusion to move forward with new management

In a message to AeroVanti members, Scott Hopes told them, “It has been a long and challenging week. There is good news coming Monday, and a new administration, new board, and board chair will be announced.”

DOJ alleges Britton-Harr used funds from Medicare fraud to launch AeroVanti


The Justice Department believes AeroVanti Founder Patrick Britton-Harr used money from an illegal medical billing scheme to start his private jet company

Members of AeroVanti believe Founder Patrick Britton-Harr used their money that was supposed to buy airplanes for expensive sports sponsorships and yachts.

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