Jet Edge’s Papariella departs Vista Global

VistaJet Jet Edge

Former Jet Edge CEO Bill Papariella has left Vista Global just months after it was announced he would head a new aircraft trading and brokerage unit

After being named to lead a new aircraft trading division in May, Bill Papariella has left Vista Global Holding.

XO launches transatlantic, U.S. discounts

Vista Members Fleet G450

Vista Global’s XO is offering flights to Europe from $75,000 and discounted domestic Challenger 300/350 flights for the summer

XO, a unit of Vista Global, is offering members discount rates through the end of August.

The digital private jet charter booking revolution is still delayed

EBACE 2023

Expedia-like on-demand private jet charter bookings have been in the works for over 20 years and still aren’t ready for takeoff

When a broker tells you they are like the Expedia or Google Flights of private jet charter, don’t walk, fly. You are being conned.

Vista Global touts 55% increase in Q1 jet card hours sold


Vista Global says it saw strong sales in program hours as it continues the cabin upgrades to aircraft from operators it acquired

After selling a $500 million bond offering, XO and VistaJet’s parent Vista Global Holding says first quarter program sales jumped 55%.

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