Exclusive: Thomas Flohr’s Vista Global continues its M&A, buying online charter broker Camber, which offers confirmed-pricing instant private jet bookings

Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based Camber Technologies, Inc. has been acquired by Thomas Flohr’s ever-expanding Vista Global; we can report exclusively, although there has been no formal announcement of the acquisition.

A spokesperson for Vista Global, which earlier this year added Jet Edge and Air Hamburg, confirmed the news.

Last December, we reported Camber was seeking investment.

The deal closed late last month, according to the Vista Global spokesperson.

“This innovative technology company has built leading software and deep data integrations across the industry to automate the charter booking process. Its platform has served customers for years, providing solutions to the most common issues encountered in private aviation,” she says.

The integration will combine Camber’s digital solutions with Vista’s current offerings.

It will mean an increase in instant booking options via the XO app and enhancements to automated sourcing via Vista’s Operator Portal.

The deal will also support the “effective management” of the company’s fleet access across both the VistaJet and XO brands.

“Camber’s technology offering will complement the excellent and extensive work currently being undertaken by Vista’s own technology teams to develop a new pricing and sourcing algorithm for automated bookings and sourcing,” the Vista Global rep tells us.

Camber’s technology prices third-party aircraft in real time, using a combination of machine learning and real-time schedule integrations.

Most online brokers only offer estimated pricing.

That means the initial pricing you are provided is subject to confirmation, as the broker still needs to obtain final quotes from the operator.

Typically the online confirmation of quotes can take hours to days, with pricing subject to significant variations.

Since 2018, Vista Global has also acquired operators XOJet, Red Wing Aviation, Talon Air, and brokers JetSmarter and Apollo Jets.

Simple Charters

Camber Founder and CEO Charles Denault and the Camber team are continuing with Vista Global.

Denault launched the broker as Simple Charters in 2011 before rebranding as Camber in 2021.

Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

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