Concord Private Jet offers three free hours with purchase of 50-hour jet cards

private jet charter in Shanghai

Concord Private Jet is offering purchasers of 25-hour jet cards one free hour and those of you who go for 50 hours, a bonus of three free hours.

Wheels Up highlights the time savings of jet card membership for summer travel plans

Kenny Dichter Wheels Up

Wheels Up features its own fleet of Citation X, Citation Excel/XLS and King Air 350i


Of the more than 20 new jet card programs launched since the Great Recession, Wheels Up has been one of the most notable providers. Founded by Kenny Dichter, who in 2001 started Marquis Jet Partners before selling it to NetJets, Wheels Up can be credited with popularizing the use of turboprops and a membership model. 

How To Find Your True Hourly Rate When Choosing A Jet Card Program

Jet Card Membership Programs provide users convenience when they fly privately, but finding the true hourly rate you will be paying often takes a bit of work

You ask your assistant to go to a few private jet card membership websites and check out the hourly rates. She follows your instructions and puts them in a comparison chart for you. That was easy! Then you join. You get your first invoice, and shock, the prices you are paying have nothing to do with the rates on the website. It reminds you of that $29 per day car rental that ended up costing you $79. 

Concord Private Jet Celebrates 10th Anniversary With “Free Hours” Promotion

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Concord Private Jet is offering a limited number of jet cards with one free hour for its 10-hour jet card and two hour free hours for 25-hour cards. The offer comes with “ free upgraded” catering for every flight.

Concord Private Jet Offers Two Hours Free With 25 Hour Jet Cards

The jet card seller is now included in Private Jet Card Comparisons analysis of over 100 jet card membership programs. Prices start at $4,300 per hour


Concord Private Jet is now included in the comparison charts of Private Jet Card Comparisons. The company, which was founded in 2007 and is based in Garden City, New York, is a broker and represents the segment of jet card sellers that are relatively small businesses, family owned and operated, with less than 10 employees, but focusing on personal service as its differentiator.

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