Concord Private Jet adds FET-free jet card offer

By Doug Gollan, October 23, 2020

Boutique jet card broker Concord Private Jet is offering clients who buy jet cards before the end of the year tax-free flying for the life of their funds

Long Island, New York-based Concord Private Jet, is the latest jet card seller to offer FET-free flights. Like other programs, you need to buy before the end of the year.

Concord offers a cabin category jet card program and is one of a few providers to provide turboprops. Its hourly rate starts at $3,750 with a 60-minute minimum.

The broker offers a 10% discount on hourly rates for clients that fly from the Northeast to Southeast and from coast to coast.

Concord offers an escrow option on funds, and its cards are fully refundable. Hours are rate locked until 2022. And any funds deposited by Dec. 31 are FET-free until the hours purchased are used.

You can find a full list of programs offering FET-free flying here. You can read our analysis of the IRS viewpoint on the FET-free cards here. And, also, what you should consider before jumping in.

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