Encore Jets to offer Mykonos to Ibiza private jet shuttle flights starting in June

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Jet card seller Encore Jets is adding a shuttle service between the popular European summer resorts


Encore Jets and Scorpios Mykonos have partnered up this summer to launch and operate a pop up private jet shuttle service from June to August providing for the first nonstop flights on a private jet between Ibiza and Mykonos. Individuals and groups will be able to buy seats on the private jet shuttle. There are no nonstop flights on commercial airlines, and according to Google flights, the shortest connection is just under six hours with many connections 10 hours of travel time or more. The Encore Jets flight is timed at just under three hours each way and tickets are priced at 1,950 Euros one-way. 

Encore Jets Inks Partnership For $10 Million Investment, Expansion

New York City-based private jet charter broker Encore Jets said it has entered a partnership with a planned $10 million investment by Opolo Capital, a global real estate asset management and advisory based in Boston and Asia, to cooperatively expand private aviation operations in major Asian markets.

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