Encore Jets Inks Partnership For $10 Million Investment, Expansion

Encore Jets Inks Partnership For $10 Million Investment, Expansion.

By Doug Gollan, May 17, 2017

New York City-based private jet charter broker Encore Jets said it has entered a partnership with a planned $10 million investment by Opolo Capital, a global real estate asset management and advisory based in Boston and Asia, to cooperatively expand private aviation operations in major Asian markets.

“We are thrilled and excited to work with Encore Jets and its team. We strongly believe that this collaboration will be prosperous for both of us. Private jets and aviation management operations have a huge potential in Asia, especially with up-and-coming markets like China, where new wealth are rushing into the needs and demands of luxury lifestyle. Last year alone, China generated 80 new billionaires, and we project that this rapid growth rate will continue in the near future with other parts of Asia as well,” said Ronald Chow, the Managing Principal of Opolo Capital in a press release.  “Aside from aviation expansion, our partnership will also extends to real estate advisory and services in identifying global investment opportunities and raising capital for acquisitions together with Encore Jets through its private jet operation platform.”

Chris Bannister, CEO of Encore Jets,  “This partnership opens new opportunities in a regional market that we have not ventured into before. Now with Opolo Capital, I am confident that we can provide private jet charter and aircraft management operations to individuals and enterprises throughout Asia. Aligning with industry experts such as Opolo Capital adds value to our existing members and will attract new clients seeking luxury and executive travel goods and services.”

“Demand for private jets in Asia is just taking off. With this partnership and our global expansion, we are proud to say we will be opening offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Jakarta starting September 2017,” says Sami Belbase, President of Encore Jets.

Encore Jets is a full-service private aviation company offering on-demand private jet charter booking services, aircraft management, acquisitions, and sales. Encore Jets offers a premium membership providing discounted private jet charter pricing and concierge services.

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