Fly Aeolus adds three new Cirrus SR22s

Cirrus SR22

The European private air membership operator is expanding its fleet of the single-engine aircraft

Fly Aeolus, which specializes in connecting Europe’s many small airports, said it has added three new Cirrus SR22 aircraft to its fleet.

The new airplanes are based in Essen, Hamburg, and Kulmbach.

Fly Aeolus offers low price jet card options in Europe at $720 per hour

The company sells jet cards from its fractional fleet of single-engine Cirrus SR22s


Yes, there is another jet card provider. Jet cards fill the gap between on-demand charter and full or fractional ownership, and in many cases provide supplemental lift for users who already have private aviation solutions. Perhaps surprisingly it has taken awhile for turboprops to gain their due in the jet card segment. Lower cost means lower profit margins, so many of the big names in jet cards don’t offer turboprop solutions. At the same time, Wheels Up, StraightLine Private Air, Nicholas Air, Luxury Aircraft Solutions and Concord Private Air among others now offer jet cards with turboprops. 

Fly Aeolus

fly aeolus

Fly Aeolus Executive Overview

Year Founded2009
LeadershipStefaan Ghijs, Founder
Vincent Wigmans, Co-founder
Marieke van Dijk, Branding & Marketing
HeadquartersAntwerp, Belgium
Jet Card Hourly PricesFrom 648 euros per hour on a Cirrus SR22
Related ProductsOn-demand Charter, Fractional Ownership

Fly Aeolus is included in Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database of over 50 jet card providers, enabling you to compare programs in minutes.

Fly Aeolus has become the first company to offer air taxi services using single piston aircraft in Europe under a fractional ownership model. Using its fleet of Cirrus SR22, the company also offers three different jet card programs and provides access to over 1,200 low-traffic airports across Europe.

When was it founded?


Who owns it?

It is privately held

Who is the CEO?

Stefaan Ghijs

How are the aircraft sourced?

Fractional fleet

What are the initiation and membership fees?              


What is Fly Aeolus’s entry-level program?

Jet cards start at 15 hours

Do they provide guaranteed availability?


Is the hourly rate guaranteed?


What is the company website?

Where is the headquarters?

Antwerp, Belgium

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