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From long-range private jets to single-engine turboprops, new data reveals the most-used private aircraft for 2019

The most popular private jet in the U.S. for 2019 wasn’t a jet.

The Swiss-made Pilatus PC-12 single-engine turboprop was the most popular private aircraft clocking 244,217 flights in 2019, according to Argus Traqpak.

Gulfstream G550


Gulfstream Aerospace G550 profile, including current pricing, manufacturing dates, cabin size and passenger capacity, range, speed, baggage space, fractional ownership and jet card options

Gulfstream G550 Facts

Although the Gulfstream G550 debuted in 2003, in December 2019 Gulfstream delivered its 600th of the type. In fact, over 20% of the OEM’s active fleet are 550s.

As popular as the G550 has been, neither NetJets or Flexjet offers it, and there are limited jet card options.

One reason is that owners who have their G550s on a Part 135 certificate often are using them, so having the type of availability needed for a dedicated jet card isn’t there.

However, you will find the G550 for on-demand charter and in the mix or large or ultra-long-haul private jets offered in cabin category jet cards.

While the list price for a new G550 is $62 million, used aircraft are currently listed starting at $16 million.

Manufacturing Dates

Production Start: 2003

Production Ends: In Production

The G550 follow-ups the G450 which extends the range for nonstop flights to 6,975 nautical miles with four passengers. Its cabin is the same height and width as the G450 but five feet longer.

Cabin Category

Large Cabin – Heavy Jet – Ultra Long Haul

Fleet Size

As of December 2019, Amstat lists 576 G550s in service.

G550 Cabin Size and Passengers

Gulfstream G550 interior

Height: 6.2 feet

Width: 7.3 feet

Length: 50.1 feet

Seating Capacity: Up to 18; Typically sleeps 8


Full: 6,360 nautical miles

Four Passengers: 6,975 nautical miles


Maximum Cruise Speed: 585 mph

Long-Range Cruise Speed: 528 mph

Baggage Space

226 cubic feet, all interior space accessible from the passenger cabin


Fractional Ownership – No

Dedicated Jet Card – Yes


Used G550s are listed starting at approximately $16 million

Other Gulfstream models currently in production

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How much does a private jet cost?

Private Jet

While a one-off short flight on a light jet might be had for as little as $5,000, you can also buy a new $70 million ultra-long-haul private jet. We look at the options, including full ownership, fractional shares and leases, jet cards and on-demand charter

The cost of a private jet varies widely, from owning an entire aircraft to chartering on-demand. But what are the options?

Fractional ownership and leases and jet cards have become a popular middle ground, providing convenience and consistent experience in many ways offering the best of either full ownership or on-demand charter.

However, figuring out the right solution isn’t necessarily based only on flight hours. Current U.S. tax benefits of full or fractional ownership can tilt the scale in their favor, particularly if most of your flying is for business.

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