Can You Still Get A Private Jet If You’re Not Going To The Super Bowl LII?

With Guaranteed Availability and Fixed One-Way Rates, Jet Cards show their value against On-Demand Charter


You’re not from Philadelphia or New England. You don’t want to go Minneapolis to watch the Super Bowl. You want to get away from the cold to catch some sun. Or maybe you want to hit the slopes for the weekend. On-Demand Charter brokers like to call Jet Cards overpriced charter, and without doubt, you can sometimes get lower prices from shopping the charter market compared to your Jet Card. With the upcoming Super Bowl, we did a Private Jet Card Comparisons big battle pitting Jet Cards against On-Demand Charter. 

Hurricane Irma Highlights Why Guaranteed Availability And Pricing Are Important Jet Cards Features

Of the 65 variables covered by Private Jet Card Comparisons, guaranteed availability and hourly rate are two important criteria


When you are buying a private jet card, how important are guaranteed availability and guaranteed hourly rate? How useful is it when you are trying to get out ahead of a hurricane? It turns out, they are both very good things. With Hurricane Irma bearing down on Florida, we checked in with a few of the companies covered by Private Jet Card Comparisons’ head-to-head comparison spreadsheets.