Jet Linx joins 4Air private aviation sustainability rating system

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Jet card and aircraft management company Jet Linx Aviation has signed onto 4Air’s recently launched sustainability rating system for private jet operators

Omaha, Nebraska–based Jet Linx Aviation has signed on to 4Air’s rating system focused on comprehensive sustainability in private aviation. It re-enforces the management and jet card provider’s goal to reduce and mitigate harmful emissions. Jet Linx jet card members and aircraft owners will be able to purchase carbon offset credits. Credits fund projects designed to counterbalance carbon emissions worldwide.

Jet Linx adds 11 new Elevated Lifestyle partners

Jet Linx Aviation

Private aircraft management and jet card membership company Jet Linx is expanding its roster of luxury partnerships

With its private terminals network in 19 key markets, Jet Linx Aviation has always been about more than just your flight. Lately, it has been amping up its Elevated Lifestyle client benefits program.

Jet Linx appoints luxury hotel executive as VP-client experience

Jet Linx Aviation

Private jet management and jet card provider Jet Linx has named luxury hotel executive Christof Pignet to head its client experience team

Jet card provider Jet Linx Aviation has hired Christof Pignet as Vice President of Client Experience. He joins the Omaha-based aircraft management company’s executive leadership team.

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