Washington Wizards Pick Jet Linx As Official Private Jet Company

Monumental Sports, the owner of the NBA Wizards, is partnering with the jet card membership seller


Jet Linx, the Omaha-based private jet management company and jet card marketer that operates in 14 different markets, has formed a sports partnership at its Washington D.C. base with the company that owns Capital One Arena, the NBA Washington Wizards, NHL Washington Capitals and WNBA Mystics. As part of the agreement, Jet Linx logos will be featured on courtside seatback covers and VIP hospitality access wristbands for Wizards games. Jet Linx will also have elevator door branding and digital branding on the F Street Entrance and Etihad Airways Lounge LED boards at Capital One Arena. 

Jet Linx New Customer Testimonial Videos Highlight Personalized Service For Jet Card Members

The jet card seller offers its own private terminals in the 14 markets where it sells jet cards


Referrals and recommendations from friends are usually the number one way customers choose a private jet company (although we also like to recommend a subscription to Private Jet Card Comparisons since your friends may have different flying needs). Using the power of third-party endorsements, Omaha-based Jet Linx has launched a series of Youtube-based customer testimonial videos on its website. 

Jet Linx Aviation Adds Emergency Medical And Security Services Partner

Private jet operator Jet Linx is expanding the partnership programs it offers to customers


Jet card seller Jet Linx Aviation had added Valor Agency, which provides around-the-clock emergency medical and security services globally. The announcement on the eve of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona, another example of how being in public areas presents potential risks. Valor joins the Elevated Lifestyle client benefits.

JET CARD INSIDER: Jet Linx Aviation Is Expanding Its Attractive Jet Card Membership Program

This private jet card membership program has the hometown touch

There are over 25 different providers of jet card programs we track in Private Jet Card Comparisons, and each supplier we’ve found has a varied approach to the market, which makes it very interesting for you as a consumer. In some cases the differences are significant. In other cases, they are more nuanced, which means you owe it to yourself to spend a bit of time doing some due diligence, but by selecting a program that fits your needs you are likely to find a happy home. 

How Jet Linx Is Taking A Different Approach To The Jet Card Market

In the highly competitive jet card market, Jet Linx is thinking national but acting local. Its unique approach includes establishing city specific bases which are now reaching from its Midwest origins to the coasts. Each base is set up with local management and operates out of a dedicated facility. In each base city, Jet Linx then sells jet cards onto its locally managed fleet, with the backup of having more than a dozen bases across the country. Jamie Walker, CEO of Jet Linx steps into the Private Jet Card Comparison’s elevator to give you his quick pitch on why you should consider his program for your next buying cycle. You can find his Elevator Pitch here.

Jet Linx Aviation Adds Concierge And Visa Services To Its Elevated Lifestyle Program

Jet Linx Aviation is expanding its two-year-old Elevated Lifestyle program by adding KEY Concierge and Swift Passport & Visa Services as partners. Elevated Lifestyle provides Jet Linx members rewards and offers through partners in health and wellness, leisure, wine and spirits, fashion, beauty, and travel. Benefits vary by the number of annual hours a customer flies, starting at hours 25 and ranging to over 100 hours. 

Jet Linx Gives Insider Tips For The Indy 500

The Indy 500 is known as “the greatest spectacle in racing” drawing hundreds of private jets with thousands of VIP fans who want to take in the unique experience at the track and during their visit to the Hoosier State. To help the out of towners get the most out of their trip, Brent Claymon, Base Partner for Jet Linx at its Indianapolis International Airport location is offering some local knowledge.