EXCLUSIVE: Surf Air Europe Is Finally Expanding Its Europe Network

private jet membership comes to Europe

Surf Air is announcing 10 new routes next week, including flights to Milan, Munich, Luxembourg, Brussels, Vienna, Geneva, Nice, Basel and Brussels


After nine months of seemingly being stuck in neutral, it turns out Surf Air Europe is going to significantly expand its flying there. In terms of keeping track of what’s happening, it has been a winding road for us. A few weeks ago we heard that Surf Air had laid off some of their sales, marketing and support team. Operations, which are contracted out to Flexjet Ltd., were apparently not impacted, however, it did cause us to take a step back and wonder what was going on. 

JetSuite Launches Fly Free Jet Card Promotion With JetSuiteX

The new offer leverages JetSuite’s dual approach to private aviation, giving its SuiteKey members free flights on JetSuiteX’s schedule semi-private flights


JetSuite, Inc. has launched a special promotion it is calling X Unlimited enabling SuiteKey Jet Card members who join or renew before March 31, 2018 to gain complimentary access to seats on JetSuiteX semi-private flights. SuiteKey memberships range from $50,000 to $400,000. The deal will be attractive to those of you who mix private and commercial flying, particularly if you are California or Las Vegas-based and leverages the dual approach the operator has taken to private flying. 

JetSuite Offers Up To $18,000 In Flight Credits For November SuiteKey Memberships

SuiteKey membership starts as low as $3,250 per hour for an Embraer Phenom 100


JetSuite, which recently announced it was going to an all Embraer fleet by the end of 2018, is offering flight credits from $3,500 to $18,000 if you buy a SuiteKey Membership during November. The deal effectively reduces your hourly rate up to $185 per hour on the Phenom 100 and up to $230 per hour on the CJ3 or Phenom 300 for the duration of your contract, according to the operator. 

Surf Air Europe Offers Free Flights To Top Tier Frequent Fliers In Europe

private jet membership comes to Europe

The “all you can fly” private aviation operator is offering a combined U.S. – Europe membership.


Surf Air’s European operation, which launched earlier this summer with flights from London’s Luton Airport to Ibiza, Cannes and now Zurich, is offering free flights to top-tier frequent fliers in the programs of other European airlines. 

JET CARD INSIDER: For JetSuite SuiteKey Members, Up And Down The Coasts And To The Mountains Are The Program’s Sweet Spots

JetSuite is moving to an all Embraer fleet with the addition of Phenom 300s to its refurbished 100s.


JetSuite is a bit of a unique bird in the private aviation space. Its co-founder and CEO, Alex Wilcox, is not from business aviation but is a commercial aviation veteran. He was a co-founder of JetBlue (and JetBlue co-founder and aviation legend David Neeleman is a board member and investor in JetSuite). He also worked for Richard Branson at Virgin Atlantic Airways early in his career and later on was President of Kingfisher Airlines, an India-based airline started by the billionaire maker of beer by the same name.