By-the-seat private jet provider JSX has already installed free high-speed WiFi in half of its fleet

Free high-speed WiFi via Elon Musk’s Starlink will be available to JSX flyers fleetwide by the end of March. Half of the fleet currently has the service.

The service is designed to provide users with easy access. It was announced last April.

“Espousing ease and access at every turn, the new Starlink WiFi service on JSX is an ‘instant on’ platform – Customers can simply hop on and log on by selecting the network name without needing to input credit card, loyalty program number or fumbling with a cumbersome and spotty login process – eliminating all of the clunky steps between you and the only true high-speed, low-latency WiFi in the sky,” according to the announcement.

JSX sells seats on scheduled flights. However, it uses private terminals, meaning customers can check in up to 20 minutes before departure for domestic flights.

It operates a fleet of reconfigured Embraer E-135 and E-145 aircraft with extra legroom. The E-135s have a 1×2 configuration, while the E-145s are in a 1×1 layout.

“As we continue to outfit our fleet with this industry-leading product, offered to our customers totally free of charge, the gap between the JSX experience and the rest of the industry will continue to widen. Unrivaled convenience meets unparalleled connectivity – a winning combination that we’re proud to offer all of our Customers this year,” says JSX CEO Alex Wilcox.

With its recent expansion, JSX now flies 43 routes across 22 markets.

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