Fly Private Friday – Lots of little kids on big private jets #FlyPrivateFriday

When you buy a jet card, you don’t just buy hours of flight time, you buy hours of family time. After you look at these adorable pictures, we dare you not to buy a jet card! #FlyPrivateFriday


Jet cards enable you to book a jet with one call being secure that you know the safety standards from your program for sourcing both aircraft and pilots. And by the way, if you subscribe to Private Jet Card Comparisons you can compare standards for over 250 jet card membership programs. But enough with the commercials, let’s go on to the cute kids. 

How To Fly Unaccompanied Minors By Private Jet

As we get ready for the summer travel crunch with delays and overbooking, there’s a good chance we will witness a couple of horror stories about children traveling alone being stranded at some airline hub when his or her flight misconnects.

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