With deliveries sold out until 2024, is NetJets worth the wait?


NetJets will add 100 fractional private jets in 2023, which have already been sold with non-refundable deposits

In 2019 we published an analysis of NetJets titled, Is NetJets worth the price?

NetJets reopens jet card sales to current, past customers

NetJets financials

While NetJets previously said it would suspend jet card sales at least until next year, it is now offering renewals

The private aviation industry’s biggest player, NetJets, has restarted jet card sales.

NetJets teases replacing jet cards with 25-hour leases

NetJets private jet

NetJets is pitching 25-hour, 5-year leases saying it’s “not sure” when a “short-term card will be offered, if ever”

NetJets sales executives are telling customers they are “not sure when the 25-hour short-term (jet) card will be offered, if ever.” Instead, they are pitching a 25-hour lease with a five-year term to fly starting in 2022 after the Easter holiday.

NetJets to buy up to 150 Lilium eVTOLs

Lilium eVTOL

The world’s largest private jet operator has signed a memorandum of understanding to buy up to 150 Lilium eVTOLs for its U.S. and European fractional ownership programs

NetJets is jumping into the market of first-generation electric vertical vehicles. The unit of Berkshire Hathaway has signed a memorandum of understanding with Lilium to buy up to 150 of the zero emissions aircraft.

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