NetJets opens up 25-hour leases to new customers

NetJets Fleet

After limiting 25-hour leases to a waitlist of existing customers, NetJets is now expanding its entry-level product to new clients

Goodbye waitlist. NetJets is opening up its entry-level 25-hour leases to new customers.

NetJets will not bring back jet cards in 2022

NetJets Global 7500

It’s official. NetJets won’t be selling jet cards in 2022; instead offering 3-and-5-year 25-hour leases as a replacement

After teasing that it would bring back jet cards by midyear, NetJets introduced 25-hour leases instead.

NetJets expands 25-hour lease program

NetJets Corporate Angel Jet Card

NetJets is adding back its cross-country midsize, super-midsize Corporate Angel Network jet card in a 25-hours per year, three-year lease

After launching 25-hours per year leases as a replacement for its jet cards, NetJets is now expanding the entry-level lease program.

NetJets teases replacing jet cards with 25-hour leases

NetJets private jet

NetJets is pitching 25-hour, 5-year leases saying it’s “not sure” when a “short-term card will be offered, if ever”

NetJets sales executives are telling customers they are “not sure when the 25-hour short-term (jet) card will be offered, if ever.” Instead, they are pitching a 25-hour lease with a five-year term to fly starting in 2022 after the Easter holiday.

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