NetJets adds back Citation Latitude to jet card lineup

The entry super-midsize Citation Latitude is back in the NetJets jet card program.

By Doug Gollan, March 2, 2024

As NetJets continues to grow its fleet of Cessna Citation Latitudes, it has restarted jet card sales on the aircraft type.

When NetJets restarted jet card sales in October of 2022, the entry-level, flat-floor super-midsize jet was not on the list.

In its configuration, there are seven seats in the cabin.

Besides a set of 1-by-1 facing club seats, there is another 1-by-1 row in the rear of the cabin.

Another seat in the forward cabin has a back flush against the side wall.

Between the U.S. and Europe, NetJets operates 209 Latitudes, making it the largest fleet for the world’s largest private jet flight provider.

One element that hasn’t changed in 2024 is the restrictions on its jet card.

There are 45 blackout dates and another 45 peak days.

The callout is 48 hours.

NetJets was the first significant jet card provider to suspend sales during the Covid-induced demand surge in 2021 and 2022.

As an alternative for flyers who don’t need 50 hours of flight time per year – the entry point for fractional ownership, NetJets launched 25-hour leases in 2022.

The leases only have 10 blackout dates. However, there are 80 additional peak days.

Separately, pilots at NetJets will begin voting on a revised contract that would see them gain over $1.6 billion in raises.

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