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The best websites and apps to find discounted and cheap private jet flights

Empty legs have the reward of saving money, but risks you don’t have with standard on-demand charter and jet card flights.

How many seats does your jet card guarantee?

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Knowing the number of seats your jet card guarantees in a category before you buy can save over $10,000 in a single trip

Jet card buyers value the ability to upgrade or downgrade the size of aircraft based on need. According to The Jet Card Report 2021, 60% of consumers in the process of buying into a private aviation program say they want the feature. However, seating guarantees could be even more critical.

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Complicated Skies: Tips for buying a jet card in an era of change

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Jet card programs are changing – daily. Here’s my advice for buying jet cards

Jet card companies are changing rules and policies for both new and existing customers on a near-daily basis.

A number of the biggest players in the jet card segment have stopped taking in new customers. NetJets, Sentient Jet, and Jet Linx are off the board. So are Executive Jet Management, Flexjet, and Priester Aviation.

Still, around 40 players are selling jet cards with fixed or capped rates and guaranteed availability, so there are plenty of choices.

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