Wheels Up offers pilots equity grants

Wheels Up

The Pilot Employee Equity Grant provides equity ownership to Wheels Up full-time and part-time controlled fleet pilots 

Wheels Up is offering a Pilot Employee Equity Grant. The grant will provide equity ownership to pilots.

Flexjet gives pilots a boost amid plans to increase fleet by 14% in 2018


Fractional share and jet card provider Flexjet will increase pilot ranks by 25% this year


Directional Aviation’s Flexjet LLC, a leading provider of fractional jet ownership, leases and jet cards, announced today “substantial salary increases” for Red Label pilots, making them, according to the company, the highest paid in the industry. Red Label pilots’ total compensation is greater than that of competitors by 25% or more, Flexjet said in a press release received by Private Jet Card Comparisons. Red Label by Flexjet is the carrier’s premium offering.

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