Flexjet hikes pilot hiring, private jet deliveries

By Doug Gollan, April 7, 2022

Flexjet will add 50 private jets in 2022 and has increased its target for new pilot hires from 300 to 350

Flexjet plans to hire 350 pilots and add 50 new private jets during 2022. The announcement means it is increasing its target for new pilot hires from its previously stated goal of 300. It currently employs over 800 pilots.

“We want Flexjet to be a career destination for pilots not only for the long-term earning potential but schedule, quality of life, and modern equipment,” said Flexjet Chief Operating Officer Megan Wolf.

She added, “No other company can match the innovation of our Domestic Red Label and International Large Cabin programs, which uniquely empower pilots to select the program that is right for them. We think of the pilot as an individual, not a number.”

It is adding 50 airplanes to its fleet of nearly 200 aircraft by year’s end. There will be deliveries across all types. That fleet features the Phenom 300, Legacy 450 and Praetor 500, the Challenger 350, and the Gulfstream G450 and G650.

In a pitch to prospective airmen, an announcement touted home-based crewing. Pilots have a choice of 100 domiciles and the option to move their domicile as often as they choose. Upgrade opportunities are occurring at a little over one year.

The fractional operator also noted that every detail of a crew member’s trip is handled by Flexjet’s Operations and Control Center. That includes flight plans, customs clearances, meals, and weather support.

Total compensation for first-year pilots starts at $128,000.

“At Flexjet, our culture is built around three principles, including putting employees first because they are the foundation of a service company,” said OneSky Chief Administrative Officer Robert Sullivan. “When we are looking for candidates that best fit into our company, we look for characteristics that align with the two other principles: Making decisions with a long-term approach to relationships and having a fanatical attention to detail.”

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