Private jet charter price climbs 6% in Q2 as demand remains strong

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The average jet card private jet charter price increased 6% from Q1 to $10,770 per hour, a 28% increase from the end of 2020

Demand for future flights remains strong with Private Jet Card Comparisons subscribers expecting to spend $427,569 on private flights in the next 12 months

The cost to charter a private jet using fixed or capped rate jet card programs with guaranteed availability increased 6% in the past three months. It follows a 5% increase in Q1. The average hourly private jet charter price for the fixed-rate memberships is now $10,770, up 28% from December 2020.

Private jet prices, call-outs, peak days for jet cards continue to increase

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Despite the hike in charter costs, fixed-rate jet membership programs still offer lower prices than on-demand private jet rentals

Jet card fixed/capped rate private jet charter prices continue to go up. The lead time to book is increasing, and there are more restrictive peak days. However, an analysis by Private Jet Card Comparisons shows private jet membership programs with fixed/capped hourly rates still aren’t keeping up with higher prices for on-demand charters.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 11

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Global private jet flight activity declined for the third straight week as growth begins to slow for the supercharged market

Global private jet flights dipped down again, dropping 1% in Week 11 from Week 10, according to the latest WingX data.

Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2022 – Week 9

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Global private jet flights dip for Week 9 while beating 2021 numbers by 38%, including a 44% surge over the trailing month

Global private jet flight activity dropped 4% to 73,746 week-to-week, according to the latest data from WingX.

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