Private Jet Flight Activity Analysis – 2023 – Week 33

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Private jet flight activity worldwide was equal to last week (68,820 segments) and just 3% below 2022’s record levels, according to the latest WingX data.

Private jet users are bullish and flying more

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New research shows private jet flyers are optimistic about their finances, and new since Covid flyers are staying private

– Deteriorating airline service is influencing over 50% of respondents to fly privately more

Private jet flyers are optimistic about their finances, with little attrition of those users who started flying privately after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2023 Q2 Jet Card prices drop for the second straight quarter

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Q2 2023 Jet Card hourly rates were down 1.3% from Q1 2023, but at $11,024, remained 31% above their Dec. 2020 low

After dropping 5.2% in Q1 from their Dec. 2022 high, the average jet card hourly price dropped another 1.3% during the last quarter. It marks two straight quarters of declines.

Argus TraqPak forecasts 0.7% drop in June North American private jet flights

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May private jet flights in North America dropped 3.5% in May compared to 2022, according to Argus TraqPak

North American private jet flight activity was down 3.5% in May compared to 2022.

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