Illegal private charter flight reports take a “dramatic uptick”

illegal charter

Newcomers looking for deals and cash strapped private jet owners are causing a surge in illegal charter activity. However, FAA enforcement often misses the mark, industry experts say

Illegal charter can be deadly. Last year’s death of European soccer star Emiliano Sala came on an aircraft not authorized for commercial charters in Europe. It was flown by a pilot who wasn’t qualified. A 2018 Falcon 50 crash that killed both pilots in South Carolina found that maintenance records weren’t up to date. The pilots were not qualified to fly Part 135 charter flights.

Private Jets Not Impacted By FAA Large Electronics Ban

While 10 airlines from 10 Middle Eastern countries have been banned by the U.S. TSA from allowing large electronics devices such as readers, tablets and laptops in the cabin, the ban does not extend to private jets, according to Aviation International News.  

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