Private Jet Card Comparisons highlights services for corporate travel managers and luxury travel advisors

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Users get comparisons of jet card providers, flight pricing, charter brokers and aircraft performance

For corporate travel managers and luxury travel advisors, sourcing the best private aviation solutions can often be a challenge. To assist the trade, independent buyer’s guide Private Jet Card Comparisons now offers a suite of reference information. The service is designed to help advisors and corporate managers find the best solutions for their customers and employees.

Which private jets fly the farthest, fastest and have the most passenger and baggage space?

Before you buy a jet card, compare over 150 of the private jets you will be flying on


Jet cards eliminate the hassles and time it takes to plan on-demand charter flights, and even more, they provide service guarantees and the opportunity to lock in fixed rates and eliminate ferry fees. Still, figuring out which aircraft fit your flying needs can be tricky. 

These Private Jets Have The Longest Range. These Private Jets Have The Shortest Range!

Which private jet has the longest range?  For the purpose of this exercise, we did not look at airliner sized private jets such as the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) or Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ). We also looked for data that would show range based on full capacity and NBAA IFR fuel reserves required from possible diversion at the destination airport, typically 45 minutes. 

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