Does The Length Of My Private Jet Flights Matter?

The answer is the length of your flights matters…a lot, particularly if you take a lot of shorter flights where the actual flight time is under an hour.  

Business Aviation Increased 3.2 Percent In 2016

Business aviation continued its growth in 2016, according to ARGUS TraqPAK. Total business private aviation flights increased to 2,948,708 in 2016 from 2,858,445 in 2015, a 3.2% gain. Flight activity grew in 11 of 12 month during the year. The biggest increase was in large cabin planes with a 6% jump. Gulfstream G-IV airplanes saw the largest increase.  

The Perks Of Private Jet Flying From VIP Events To Free Luxury Hotel Stays And Exclusive Access

Perhaps the most difficult decision in flying privately is which provider to choose.