The Busiest Days And Airports For Private Jet Travel During The Holidays

December 22nd is projected to be the busiest day for private jet travel during the holidays with over 9,000 flights

Palm Beach International Airport is expected to be the busiest destination for the private jet set this upcoming holiday season with an average of more than 130 business aviation arrivals per day during the period while Dec. 22 is expected to be the busiest day with 9,072 flights. That’s according to ARGUS TRAQPak which released its projections for the busiest destinations and days for business aircraft travel during the holiday season. The data includes all Part 135 flights in U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, plus the Caribbean and Canada, excluding cargo, scheduled Part 135 and fractional operators. There are approximately 7,500 aircraft in the Part 135 fleet. There are about 28,000 commercial flights in the U.S on a given day.

What Companies Sell Private Jet Card Memberships?

While private aviation has struggled to get back to pre-Recession levels, the number of companies selling Jet Cards has doubled

Since the Great Recession of 2008 private aviation has struggled. Flight hours dropped significantly and now just a decade later are returning to levels equal to before the financial meltdown. Orders and deliveries of new private jets still haven’t recovered, yet one area of private aviation has been growings – Jet Card Memberships. 

StraightLine Private Air Adds New $200,000 Jet Card Membership Level

The Jet Card start-up is focused on turboprops, pistons, very light and light jets


Pushed by what founder and CEO Tom Filippini says is strong demand in its first year of operations, Denver-based jet card seller StraightLine Private Air is making a few changes to its programs, including adding a $200,000 tier. Filippini, who didn’t want to disclose the number of members, says interest in the company is based on its somewhat different approach. The provider has also joined the fray with an end of the year offer:  Join by December 31 and receive a 5% bonus up to $10,000.

College Football National Championship Puts Jet Linx In The Spotlight

Jet Linx offers guaranteed availability and guaranteed hourly rates for its jet card programs


One of the key selling points for Jet Linx Aviation’s jet card program is the private terminals it operates at 14 different locations in the Midwest, Southwest and Southeast. Instead of transiting through FBOs, Jet Linx jet card customers access a dedicated Jet Linx terminal lounge. There is a valet and their car is detailed while they are away. It is returned waiting with air conditioning or heating as appropriate. When members step into the lounge, they find their favorite spirits and snacks available. In a high-touch industry, Jet Linx goes a step further. 

Delta Private Jets Is Giving Two Roundtrip Business Class Tickets To Europe When You Buy A $250,000 Jet Card

Delta Private Jets manages more than 70 private jets, all WiFi equipped


Delta Private Jets is highlighting its ownership by Delta Air Lines by offering purchasers of $250,000 jet cards two roundtrip Delta One Business Class tickets from the U.S. to Europe. Deadline is December 15, 2017. 

Air Partner Adds Gourmet Catering, Launches £1 million Jet Card Membership

Air Partner’s JetCard includes de-icing, an important feature if you do a lot of winter flying.


Air Partner has launched new gourmet menus for flights departing 34 airports in Europe. Air Partner JetCard members will benefit from the new collaboration with On Air Dining as its new supplier.

Flexjet Continues Sponsorship Of The St. Regis World Snow Polo Championship In Aspen

Flexjet sells fractional shares and jet cards. It recently added the Gulfstream G650 to its fleet.


Flexjet LLC said it is continuing its sponsorship as official Aviation Partner for the St. Regis World Snow Polo Championship taking place December 14-17, 2017. Flexjet once again will sponsor the defending championship-winning Flexjet Polo Team.