By-the-seat Set Jet announces a SPAC IPO

Set Jet terminal

Set Jet is the latest private aviation flight provider to announce SPAC IPO plans with a target date of Q4 2023

By-the-seat private jet flight provider Set Jet, Inc. plans to merge with Revelstone Capital Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: RCAC), a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company, in private aviation’s latest IPO announcement.

Set Jet adds by-the-seat Aspen flights

Set Jet private jet by the seat

By-the-seat private jet flights from Orange County, San Diego, and Scottsdale to Aspen on Set Jet start June 12 from $1,330

By-the-seat private jet provider Set Jet, Inc. is starting flights between Orange County, San Diego, and Scottsdale to Aspen.

Set Jet adds Los Angeles, San Francisco to Cabo by-the-seat private jet flights

Set Jet CRJ 200

Set Jet is offering by-the-seat private jet flights to Los Cabos from Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area

Beginning the week of April 4, Set Jet is offering seats on private jets to Cabo San Lucas. From Los Angeles International price is $1,699.95 one way. San Francisco-based members pay an extra $490.95 with a stop at LAX.

Set Jet’s private jet by-the-seat is more JetSmarter but competing with JSX

Set Jet private jet by the seat

Set Jet is offering a by-the-seat model aboard true private jets like JetSmarter, but it’s competing against new models like JSX

Scottsdale-based SetJet wants to go where JetSmarter went, hopefully with lots of publicity but none of the lawsuits. In trying to attract customers from the first-class cabin of American Airlines, it is also competing against other by-the-seat semiprivate options like JSX and Surf Air.

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