Set Jet adds by-the-seat Aspen flights

By-the-seat private jet flights from Orange County, San Diego, and Scottsdale to Aspen on Set Jet start June 12 from $1,330.

By Doug Gollan, May 31, 2023

By-the-seat private jet flights from Orange County, San Diego, and Scottsdale to Aspen on Set Jet start June 12 from $1,330

By-the-seat private jet provider Set Jet, Inc. is starting flights between Orange County, San Diego, and Scottsdale to Aspen.

The service will start the week of June 12.

Flight from California will be a one-stop.

By-the-seat cost for members starts at $1,330.

“Member requests for this route have consistently increased as we approach the Aspen summer season,” said Set Jet CEO Tom Smith.

He added, “Aspen is home to some incredible summer festivals, and our members are looking forward to kicking off our Aspen service as the Food & Wine Classic begins. I am proud to see Set Jet now in ten airports across five Southwestern states and Mexico as we continue to grow our Set Jet destination map.”

Aspen is the second route expansion for the Company in the last six months, following a new service route for Salt Lake City that began in December of 2022, with additional service via Las Vegas starting in June of 2023.

Chairman Steve Reynolds said, “As a longtime Aspen local, I am excited to see this route crossed off the Set Jet expansion to-do list. I am excited to bring this impeccable experience to the Aspen community – and there is a certain opposite synergy between the desert and the mountains that I truly enjoy as a second homeowner in Scottsdale, myself.”

Reynolds added, “With the four-month extended booking period for Set Jet flights, we anticipate member demand carrying flight service through the fall when the airlines take the season off.”

The company said the new flights will also appeal to Aspen residents flying to Scottsdale, Southern California, Las Vegas, and Cabo.

By-the-seat membership

The Scottsdale-based flight provider is a membership-based private jet charter flight platform available exclusively for security pre-screened and approved members.

Set Jet’s “buy a seat, not the jet” program grants its members true private jets.

The provider facilitates all charter flights using the services of FAA-certificated Part 135 carriers.

You save time by using private terminals and FBOs.

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