NetJets, Wheels Up, Flexjet Top Solar Eclipse Flight Activity

Jet Linx

Private jet activity spiked by 28% during the solar eclipse

Monday’s full solar eclipse was accompanied by a 28% spike in private aviation flight activity, according to TRAQPak, a service that tracks flying by private aircraft. According to a press release, there were 10,606 private aviation flights on August 21, 2017, compared to an average of 8,276 flights on previous Mondays during the year.

NetJets, Private Jet Operators Report Holiday Level Demand For Solar Eclipse

Private jet travelers need to plan as soon as possible to make sure they will be able to see the eclipse


NetJets is seeing increased demand for private air travel to destinations in the path of the eclipse similar to peak holidays At the beginning of the week, a spokesperson for the fractional share and jet card seller told Private Jet Card Comparisons it has 125 flights identified as being in a location to view the eclipse for August 21.

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